Top 21 Uses For Lavender Every Day!

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Lavender has been used for over 2,500 years for everything from calming and relaxing the mind to healing skin irritations and relieving stress.
Here are our 21 Top uses for Lavender:
1. Insect Bites: Use directly on bites relieve itchiness and reduce redness/swelling.
2. Scar prevention: Use directly on wounds to prevent scarring.
3. Minor burns: Use directly on burns to reduce pain and speed healing.
4. Pimples: Use directly on pimples to kill bacteria and speed healing.
5. Yeast infections: Put a single drop on a tampon to get rid of a yeast infection.
6. Kitchen cleanliness: Use a few drops and counters to kill bacteria and freshen your kitchen.
7. Headaches: Rub directly into temples for relief. Or try our natural head aid roll-on.
8. Sunburn: Use a lavender body spray mist to relieve pain and speed healing.
9. Sore muscles: Use lavender bath salts to soothe aches and pains and relieve tension.
10. Cold sores: Use to speed healing and prevent scarring.
11. Athlete’s foot: Use to kill fungus, relieve pain and speed healing.
12. Menstrual cramps: Massage a few drops directly into your lower abdomen or add a few drops to a warm heat pad and apply to the area.
13. Depression, anxiety, irritability, stress: Use in an aromatherapy diffuser to help improve your mood.
14. Insomnia: Add 1-2 drops to a cotton ball and put it inside your pillowcase or use it in an aromatherapy diffuser. You can also use a Lavender spray mist on bedding.
15. Vacuum bags: Add a few drops in your bags to keep them fresh.
16. Earaches: Warm a bottle of lavender oil in hot water for 1 – 2 minutes, then gently massage a few drops into the skin around the ears and throat.
17. Eczema: Use lavender body lotion or lavender-infused carrier oil directly on the skin to relieve dry, itchy skin.
18. Fatigue: Use a few drops in a foot bath or use bath products like a lavender bath bomb, lavender wash & bubble.
19. Insect repellent: Use a lavender body spray mist liberally to help repel insects. Or try one of our natural insect repellent products with lavender in it.
20. Fevers: For babies and small children, add a few drops to tepid water and sponge gently sponge them down with it. Take care not to let them get chilled. This also works for adults.
21. Chapped lips: Use a lavender lip balm to relieve pain and speed healing.
There are many other types of lavender products you can use in combination with these methods, particularly when using lavender as a tool for relaxation and tension relief, including lavender body wash, lavender body lotion, lavender hydrosol and more.
What's your fave? 

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