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Our 100% pure essential oils are sourced from all over the world. Turkey for the sweetest of rose oil, France for soothing and relaxing lavender. Our farmers are part of our connection to the land and the healing plants that we harvest from.

Our in-house oil blends are crafted right here in Vancouver, Canada, blended by hand, bottled and delivered directly to you.

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Escents Products Are:


All of our products are made 100% BPA free.

100% Natural

Our products are only made from natural ingredients.

Cruelty Free

We don't do any testing on animals.

Proudly Canadian

We're a Canadian owned & operated company!

About Escents

in 1992, Escents was created with the idea that everybody deserves a natural, "born from nature" connection to aromatherapy. The proven healing benefits of essential oils inspired our company Founder, Jacqui MacNeill after her own recovery from emergency brain surgery in her 3rd trimester, (carrying twins).

Essential oils were paramount to her recovery & healing and Jacqui felt inspired to share her new found love for botanical remedies with the rest of the world. Escents Aromatherapy was born.

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Buy Your Essential Oils in Canada

Welcome to Escents Aromatherapy! We are the premier source of aromatherapy products in Canada, and we’re committed to providing our customers with everything they need to nourish and protect their bodies, minds, and spirits. If you’re in the market to buy essential oils in Canada, you’ve found yourself in the right place. We’ve been sourcing and selling 100 percent pure essential oils, as well as essential oil products, for many years—and nothing brings us greater joy than being able to help people feel their best. Feel free to browse through our site to find the perfect essential oils and aromatherapy products for any purpose you may need them for. If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to help you out!