10 DIY uses for essential oils

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1. Non Toxic Dryer Sheets

For sensational smelling towels, sheets, clothes etc., place a few drops of any essential oil or aroma blend onto a small piece of terry cloth and toss into the dryer with laundry.

2. Refreshing Potpourri

Potpourri which has lost its scent can be revived by adding a few drops of any essential oil or aroma blend

3. Custom Air Fresher

To make an air freshener in your favorite scent, add a teaspoon of alcohol and a few drops of any essential oil or aroma blend to water in a spray bottle.  Spray around your house or car as required. If sprayed directly to fabrics, test on a discrete spot first.

4. Scenting Unscented Candles

Create your own scented candle by adding a few drops of essential oils or your favorite aroma blend on the hot melted wax as the candle burns.

5. Dispel stubborn cooking odours

No one enjoys the smell of yesterday’s dinner the next morning.  To get rid of lingering kitchen smells, add a few drops of essential oil or your favorite aroma blend  to forced air vents.

6. Fresh Feetaroma blend

Smelly feet or shoes can be remedied with a few drops of Geranium dropped into the shoes or by placing a cotton ball dabbed with a few drops of Lemon inside. Athlete’s foot? Try Tea Tree.

7. Create a Signature Scent

essential oils  or aroma blendmake wonderful perfumes. Create your own personal essence blend; Try 25 drops of any combination of essential oils  or aroma blends to 1 oz. of perfume alcohol or carrier oil.

8. Ensure your Bathroom is always Guest-Ready

You can easily keep your bathroom smelling fresh by placing of any combination of essential oils or aroma blendonto cotton balls and place them in inconspicuous places or sprinkling oils directly onto silk or dried flower arrangements.

9. Copper Cookware

You can keep your copper polished by gently buffing it with a soft cloth and a few drops of Lemon essential oil.

10. Ease Tired Muscles

Blend your own massage oil by adding 5 drops of your favorite essential oil to 1 oz of Jojoba oil or other skin nourishing vegetable oil. We find Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender to be some of the best oils to relieve sore muscles.

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