To Much Sun? Soothe your Sunburn Naturally

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It’s official, summer is finally here! Okay, technically it started earlier this month, but over here in the Pacific Northwest temperatures are finally warming up and the sun made its appearance. We love the sunnier skies, it puts us all in better moods and really boosts our energy. But as we all know, the effects of UV rays are getting stronger each year, and we have to take good care of our skin!

It’s no secret that exposure to sun can cause skin cancer, sun spots, wrinkles and burns. That’s why it’s so important to protect yourself with a high grade sun screen whenever you go outdoors (we even wear it on our faces in the winter).


We hear a lot about protecting your skin from those dangerous ultraviolet rays, but what about treating your skin afterwards? Whether you get a sunburn or not, it’s important to treat your skin after sun exposure, because sun damage even occurs without any visible burns! It’s that sneaky damage that shows up years later, as sun spots and a leathery texture.

Here are our tips for treating your skin to some TLC post sun exposure:


1. Calm and Heal with Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils

Lavender and Peppermint essential oils offer so many benefits for the body and mind. These powerhouse essential oils are widely known for their relaxing effects and headache soothing benefits, but they are also amazing treatments for soothing burnt skin.

Lavender calms down redness and stinging and Peppermint cools down burnt areas and actually works as a painkiller! Combine drops of our 100% natural Lavender and Peppermint essential oils to a lotion, butter or comfrey gel at our blending bar for an all-natural skin soother.



2. Speed Heal and Regenerate Your Skin with Comfrey

Comfrey gel does not get the fanfare it deserves! Comfrey is a medicinal herb, used for its skin healing and regenerating benefits. We extract Comfrey Leaf essential oil and blend it into a gel base for a fast absorbing, cooling texture.

Comfrey is packed with fatty acids, making it great for replenishing and speed healing skin. You can use it on its own after exposure to sun, or blend in your favourite essential oils at our blending bars in each retail location.

We love getting outdoors and taking advantage of the beautiful weather, so by no means are we telling you to stay indoors! However, we want to make sure you’re protecting and taking care of your skin properly, and naturally. Follow our tips above for the most natural approach to healing sun damage and keeping your skin feeling and looking beautiful all year long.

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