Switching to Natural Deodorant

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If you’re anything like us, you love moving yourself towards the most natural lifestyle possible. That looks a little different for everyone – maybe you’re a vegetarian, or maybe you prefer using natural skincare products instead of chemical-based options. As skin is the largest organ on the body, it’s our priority at Escents to only apply natural products, since our bodies metabolize everything applied to the skin.

While more people are adopting natural skin care into their beauty regime, natural deodorant is a little slower to take off. Many people love the benefits of antiperspirant, but what you might not be aware of is that the chemicals in the product (typically Aluminum Chloralhydrate) work by clogging pores to prevent sweat from leaving the body. This causes a backlog of toxins to accumulate in your armpits, and harmful chemicals related to various diseases to be absorbed into the body.

Switching to natural deodorant allows your body to detox, and reduces the amount of harmful toxins taken into the body. Sounds great right? We think so. However, the transition to natural deodorant isn’t sunshine and roses at first. Here’s what to expect, and how to ease the transition.

What to expect:

Switching from antiperspirant to natural deodorant may feel like your body is going a little haywire for the first week or two, because your body is detoxing from sweat glands and pores being plugged for so long. You are likely to experience more sweating from your armpits than usual, and a little more odor.

This is your body’s natural way of detoxifying itself, and we urge you to stick it out. Trust us, things will change after the first week or two. Your body will calm down and your sweat glands will regulate themselves. Remember: any excess sweating is a good thing, because it means your body is cleansing itself of harmful toxins.


Since your armpits will be rushing to detoxify themselves, help ease your body by supporting the process. Drinking lots of water and eating gentle foods will help flush out toxins, and reduce the intensity of body odor. We will warn you, you’re going to notice a touch more body odor at first when switching over to natural deodorant, but it will fade once your body is over the transition period.
Eating lots of leafy greens will also help reduce body odors. Leafy green plants contain chlorophyll, nature’s secret to detoxify, fight disease and naturally deodorize the body!


Have you ever noticed that wearing certain fabrics intensifies body odor? Synthetic materials trap bacteria and body odor, making bad smells linger on you all day. Natural fibers like cotton, linen and bamboo are breathable, so you will smell fresher longer.


Scent is personal. The way scents interact with your body is unique to your PH balance, and genes. That’s why we encourage you to experiment with essential oils to see which scents mesh well with your body, to create the perfect signature scent for you.

We have a range of premixed scents for our all natural deodorants, that smell great on most people, but you can also try making your own using our custom blending bar. When you visit our retail locations, you can smell and experiment with a vast collection of essential oils and aroma blends to find your perfect scent.

We’re so excited that you’re working towards a more natural lifestyle. Switching to natural deodorant is not the simplest transition, but your body will thank you. As all detoxes go, there a couple of rough patches, but that’s a good thing! Your body is healing itself the best way it knows how, and it will right itself after a week or two.
We would love to hear your experience with switching to natural deodorant, and your favorite deodorant scent or blend from our collection, so please share with us on social!

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