Spring Clean The Air

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As we awakefrom our winter slumber and hibernation, we can begin to clean and freshen up starting inside of our homes, offices, bathrooms and any space that needs revamping. A simple way to do this is purifying the air we breathe indoors by using our Reed collection. These unique Rattan reeds help clean the air by reconstructing the scent around you. Using our pure essential oils, the straws pull the liquid up and release it into the air and help break the essential oil particles into easily inhaled molecules via vibrations. Here are our 4 ways to live our best life with clean and fresh indoor air: 

  1. Happy Reed Diffuser –A perfect pairing for any room is our Happy Reed Diffuser with our pure Grapefruit and Violet Essential oils that makes up our Happy Aroma blend. Bring in the happy vibes indoors and let the purifying begin. Place one close to the front door  
  1. Breeze Reed Diffuser – Our Breeze reed diffuser is one of our most popular aroma blend with our pure bergamot and oakmoss essential oils.  Uplift your mood and freshen up the air your breathe with Breeze, 
    1. Rejuvenate Reed Diffuser – Breathe in our pure grapefruit and bergamot essential oils and get your energy boosted in any room or space.  Do you feel rejuvenated yet? 
    1. Coconut Haven Reed Diffuser – Oh bring in endless summer in this moment by placing our Coconut Haven made with pure coconut and orange essential oils. Inhale summer in any room or space. 

    Spring is all about awakening, purifying the air that we breathe and what better way to start a fresh indoors.  

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