5 Simple Ways to Naturally Deodorize Your Space

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Here are five simple and natural ways to freshen your space.

Decluttering can seem overwhelming so we like to tackle one space at a time. Once you’ve chosen a location, ask yourself these questions and create 3 piles “Is this inspiring me right now? Has this ‘thing’ served its purpose? Is it time to let it go?” As soon as you’ve chosen your piles, think of these 3 words: Refine, Remove and Reclaim. Choose to refine the ‘things’ that are inspiring and that can serve the space. Choose to remove the unwanted clutter away from this area. And choose to reclaim the power of the room that you’re enhancing.
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Space Cleansing
Once you’ve decluttered your space, you can cleanse surfaces and the air of any impurities with our 100% natural Yoga Spray that is made with pure Jasmine and Sandalwood essential oils and Banana Bark extract which has natural anti-bacterial, anti-biotic, antifungal and antiviral qualities.

Intentional Decorating
Choose a theme, poem, song or colour that you love.  Depending on the room you`re decorating, your inspiration can be relaxing or empowering. Instead of adding more items that support your theme, try a minimalist approach and remove items that contradict your theme. You may surprise yourself with the amount of clarity you gain for your new Zen space.

Purify the Air
Our indoor air can get stale after a winter spent shut in. A simple way to purify indoor air is to use one of our Reed Diffusers. The rattan reeds release essential oils that help clean the air by reconstructing the scent around you. 
deodorize your space with reed diffusers Escents Aromatherapy

Create a Nourishing Space
Lastly, allow your 5 senses to be your guide when creating an inviting space that works best for you. Close your eyes and check in. Does the light support your eyes?  Is there warmth in what you touch? Take a deep breath. Does the air feel clean and fresh? Do your ears like what they hear? Make adjustments to your space as needed to balance your five senses and enjoy your fresh new space.



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