Exhaustion Relief Recipe

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With everything going on and seasons changing, a lot of people are feeling exhausted. We have a recipe that can help with this!


Exhaustion Relief  Recipe: 

100ml Carrier Oil 

32 drops-Lavender 

8 drops-Geranium 

8 drops-Coriander 

8 drops-Grapefruit 

8 drops-Lime 

How it works: 

This balance of oils reduces stress and elevates mood to renew energy throughout the entire system 

About the oils: 

  • Lavender is used here for its ability to calm and balance emotions. It also fights headaches, nausea and dizzy spells associated with exhaustion.
  • Geranium  is known to be a very uplifting and stimulating oil which increases energy and reduces both stress and depression. 
  • Coriander is an aphrodisiac which fights fatigue and also reduces muscular aches and pains by ridding the body of accumulated fluids and toxins. 
  • Grapefruit is a stimulant that is highly energizing.  It fights depression and headaches as well as nervous exhaustion.
  • Lime is refreshing to the senses and increases both energy and circulation. 


How to Use: 

  •  Blend this recipe into 100ml Carrier Oil of your choice and bathe in 2 tablespoons of this remedy. 
  • Massage this oil onto cleansed body. 

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