Aromatherapy Forbes Living TV, July 2014

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While the response for many dealing with headaches, anxiety, cold and flu, and difficulty sleeping is to pop a pill, there are other, more natural methods, for helping with today's common ailments. Aromatherapy is the practice of using 100% essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. Escents Aromatherapy is a 22-year-old Canadian-based company that crafts the finest aromas to help people feel great, naturally. Founded by Jacqui MacNeill in 1992, Escents is a multi-million dollar business with over 500 products today.

Escents Aromatherapy offers only 100% pure essential oils, unadulterated, and of the highest therapeutic quality. Each essential oil has benefits when used on its own, and the effects are even greater through certain combinations, called aroma blends, which Escents carefully crafts. Many of Escents' products come in different forms, including inhalers, roll-ons, and sprays/mists. The Company also offers innovative Ultrasonic Diffusers, which enable the benefits of aromatherapy to be delivered through inhalation.

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Escents Aromatherapy and Jacqui MacNeill featured on Forbes Living:

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