Canadian Living, January 2016

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You might have noticed essential oils and diffusers popping up in stores recently. These oils aren't exactly a trend—they've been used to treat ailments for thousands of years—but they're beginning to regain popularity as Canadians look for more natural options for their health and skin care.

The highly concentrated oils are distilled from botanicals including things like flowers, leaves, stems, roots and seeds. To get their aromatherapy benefits, you can diffuse them or dilute them in an oil or lotion, then apply them on your skin. (Only lavender and tea tree oils can be applied directly to the skin.) Interested in giving aromatherapy a try? We spoke to Silvia Enescu, scent specialist at the aromatherapy retailer Escents, about the most versatile and beneficial essential oils for everyday health and well-being. Here are her picks for the oils she can't live without.

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5 healthiest essential oils and how to use them:

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