A Quick Guide to Carrier Oils vs. Essential Oils

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The vast array of aromatherapy products and processes available to consumers allows for a superior meditative and rehabilitative experience. There’s bound to be an oil or diffuser perfect for delivering you the benefits of this ancient practice. Understanding the functions of these products is essential when you’re trying to find the perfect one for your needs. Many individuals don’t know the key differences between standard essential oils and carrier oils, but these two items have specific qualities that will affect your experience. Here’s a quick guide to carrier oils versus essential oils.

Essential Oils

You’re probably already familiar with the ins and outs of essential oils. They’re products made from natural plant materials, often offering physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. You can place essential oils on salt lamps or cotton swabs to freshen up the corners of your house, or you can drop some into a diffuser to dispense concentrated aromatherapy into the air. All of these methods heal your body and mind, making these products very popular.

However, you can’t place standard essential oils directly on the skin, which is where carrier oils come into play.

Carrier Oils

The key differences of carrier oils versus essential oils are as follows:

  • Less concentration of plant materials
  • No added components
  • Little to no fragrance
  • Sourced from the fatty parts of plants, such as nuts and seeds
  • Typically more affordable
  • Safe for skin contact

Which Is Better?

Ultimately, the better option for you comes down to personal preference—do you need a product for basic aromatherapy, or do you want something that’s safe for direct skin contact? Luckily, you can use both together to ensure a comfortable, beneficial experience. Applying an essential oil diluted with a carrier oil directly to your skin is an excellent way to practice aromatherapy on the go. Diluting with a carrier oil ensures you won’t break out into rashes and hives. Apply the carrier agent first, and then drop in a little of your favorite essential oil product.

Escents proudly provides this guide to carrier oils versus essential oils because we know the importance of delivering a proper aromatherapy experience. Understanding the key differences between these two products allows you to make a better purchase and enjoy all the benefits. Consider our excellent selection of quality products and devices for all your essential oil needs.

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