4 Factors To Consider When Choosing an Aroma Diffuser

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Are you looking to buy your first diffuser or add another device to your growing collection? Most diffusers are straightforward and don’t require much knowledge of aromatherapy.

However, understanding these four factors to consider when choosing an aroma diffuser will make your essential oil experience more effective and enjoyable. Use this guide to find the best product for you and your needs.

Spatial Considerations

Diffusers release fragrances into the air and spread them around your immediate space. Finding the best device for your needs partly depends on the size of your room because some diffusers work better for larger areas and vice versa.

If you use a diffuser for sleeping and place the device on a bedside table, you don’t necessarily need a larger product. Instead, find one that adequately dispenses the aroma near your head. If you’re looking to fragrance a living room or kitchen, you should invest in something more powerful.

Diffuser Type

Many essential oil newbies are unfamiliar with the many different types of diffusers and the pros and cons of each kind. While a nebulizer device is the most common and suitable for most settings, other variations work well in different situations.

If you want something that slowly dispenses aroma over a long period of time, consider an evaporation device. These items include clay pots and reed diffusers, which release fragrance slowly without power. They’re great for bathrooms and other small spaces.

Salt lamps are the perfect option for bedrooms, especially where children sleep. They help remove viruses and bacteria from the air and act as a fantastic decor piece. We even offer a handy car diffuser for those moments when you need aromatherapy while on the go. Take the time to determine what type of product is best for you before purchasing a device.


Some diffusers make noises when they’re on. Typically, this sound isn’t very noticeable. However, if you want a product for meditative practices, consider whether the presence of background noise will affect your reflection exercises.

Or perhaps you like some white noise, like with a bedside diffuser when sleeping. Noise is subjective, so read reviews of each product to find the best item for your preferences.


This factor isn’t the most important to consider before purchasing a diffuser, but it is important for many individuals. If you maintain cohesive decor throughout your home, you’ll want a diffuser that fits the style.

Diffusers come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. If you want something that fits the feel of your home, pay special attention to this aspect while shopping. Some items are discrete, some gaudy, and others fall right in the middle.

Understand these four factors to consider when choosing an aroma diffuser before making your purchase. This only serves to upgrade your aromatherapy experience. Escents has all the helpful information you need before you buy aroma diffuser products.

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