10 Do-It-Yourself Essential Oil Gift Ideas

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1) Create Your Own Essential Oil Diffuser Blend:

Be creative with your gifts this year by creating your own blend, or create some from our recipes and bottle them for your friends and family this Christmas. Help them clear the air and scent their home with something you created just for them.

2) Do It Yourself Potpourri:

Gather pine cones and evergreen sprigs. Make sure they are clean and dry first. Then drop your essential oils or blends on the pine cones and let them absorb (you can also hide felt or wool in the middle of the pile and scent this). Decorate using your potpourri for a gorgeous Christmas smell and feel. Top up with more drops when the scent gets low.

3) Essential Oil Scented Playdough:

Need a gift idea for the kids? Create your own playdough and use essential oils to scent it for even more fun. Use kid-friendly essential oils for safety, especially for young kids (think Lavender and citrus – avoid peppermint and “spice” oils as these can be hot on the skin). Click here for recipe.

4) Create Something Unique with Floating Candles:

Put some decorations such as evergreen springs, berries and orange peels in glass jars and fill with water. Add your favourite Christmas scented essential oils and a floating candle (or tealight). Make sure none of the décor can touch the flame. For gifting, keep candle separate and seal lid with liquids and décor inside.

5) Give the Tree An Extra Festive Smell:

The old fashioned salt dough ornaments are even better with some essential oils. Remember to add essential oils after the dough has finished cooking and has cooled somewhat. Oils will lose their potency with heat. Click here for full recipe.

6) Wood Slice Ornaments:

Those trendy wood slice ornaments are even better when they come Christmas scented. Wood is great for absorbing and releasing essential oil aromas. Find the slices in a craft store or even dollar store – decorate how you wish with sharpies, glitter or wood burning. Then drop some essential oils on them, seal them up and gift them!

7) Essential Oil Shower Steamers:

These easy-to-make shower pucks are perfect for people who don’t like or use baths regularly. Simply combine 1 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup distilled water and 20-25 drops essential oils – eucalyptus is great for the shower but any essential oil or blend you want could work. Pack mixture into ice cube trays or silicone molds and let dry out completely. Pop in the tub during a shower to enjoy the scents!

8) Roll-On Perfumes:

Use our unscented roll-ons and jazz them up with your own essential oil blends. These natural roll-ons can be used instead of perfume with additives. You can also create your own roll-ons with roll-on bottles and scentless carrier oils. Careful with nut-based carriers for anyone with allergies.

9) Candles Made With Love (and Essential Oils):

Create unique and meaningful gifts yourself easily with melted soy wax and essential oils. The amount of essential oils will depend on the size of the candles, but estimated 35-40 drops per 3oz of wax/solids.

10) Essential Oil Jewelry:

Although you can use clay options for essential oil jewelry, an easier option might be the lava bead and wire versions. Create pendants, bracelets or more with lava beads, crystals and stones. String lava beads on wire and create a simple and effective diffuser bracelet. Wrap wire around lava beads and create a loop at the top (a bail). Slide onto a chain and drop some essential oils on the lava bead for a pendant/necklace option. The possibilities are endless!

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